Welcome to Nailed Daily the blog where it all started! Back in 2011 I had this crazy idea of starting this nail art blog where I would complete 365 nail designs in one year. On Nov 30th 2012 I completed the challenge, it was a huge struggle to commit to, but I am glad I did it because it pushed me so much further with my nail art. Shortly after completing my challenge I quit blogging and I wasn’t sure if I would ever come back to it, but here I am many years later with much more knowledge, way better photography skills and exciting new nail adventures to talk about. I hope to use this blog to inspire other nail techs, I want to share my experiences as an educator, nail competitor and salon owner. I will also share new nail designs and tutorials. I am excited for this new chapter of my blog, it wont be daily but I promise it will be good content! I hope you enjoy my posts and appreciate your support!

Update Part 4: Nail Art and Products

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It's crazy how much has happened in the nail industry since I stopped blogging! I could not be more excited to be a nail tech in a time where new products and techniques are launching on the daily, even as I write this I am about to join a class about a new product that will completely change how I do nails. 

When I started doing nails clients were not as adventurous and I think that was because they were not exposed to it. Now new nail trends are popping up on social media all the time and clients are quite often finding out about new stuff the same time we are. I am so fortunate to be an educator for one of the most innovative companies in the industry because I am given the opportunity to play with new products sometime months before being launched. 

The biggest change in the way that I do nails in the salon over the last few years would definitely be the launch of new products like Polygel and Dip. When it came to enhancements I never thought I would do anything other than acrylic, but now we have so many amazing products available to us and it is fun to play with it all. Don't get me wrong acrylic will always have a place in my heart especially with competition pieces but I am really enjoying all the other options I have these days.

When I finished my blog project I was looking for the next big challenge and that next obvious step was YouTube. As an Educator with a fear of public speaking I thought what better way to force myself out of my shell and practice teaching nail art than to speak in front of camera and share it with the world. I strongly believe that facing your fears is the only way to grow and become successful, so I did it, I started a YouTube channel.  It’s been a learning curve for sure! Through the videos that I’ve posted I’ve figured out what I like and what needs improving going forward. I am slowly becoming more comfortable in front of the camera but If you you check out my old content you can definitely see how nervous I am plus the poor quality filming, but that's ok! It is all part of the process even if it does make me cringe. haha! 

3D Roses using gel polish- My video with the most views  

Since opening my salon It’s been hard finding time for filming and editing  and just like my blog it was pushed to the side. Now that I am starting this new chapter in my career and focusing more on the education side of things, I am excited to move forward with the blog and YouTube channel and can’t wait to start creating new video content. 

If there is anything specific you want to see send me a message or comment and let me know! I love suggestions! 

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