Welcome to Nailed Daily the blog where it all started! Back in 2011 I had this crazy idea of starting this nail art blog where I would complete 365 nail designs in one year. On Nov 30th 2012 I completed the challenge, it was a huge struggle to commit to but I am glad I did it because it pushed me so much further with my nail art. Shortly after completing my challenge I quit blogging I swore I would never blog again, but here I am back at it 5 years later with much more knowledge, way better photography skills and exciting new nail adventures to talk about. I hope to use this blog to inspire other professional nail techs, I want to share my experiences as an educator, nail competitor and salon owner. I will also share new nail designs and tutorials. I am excited for this new chapter of my blog, it wont be daily but I promise it will be good stuff! I hope you enjoy the content!


Today's post is another request from an Instagram follower, she requested this after seeing my Spider-Man and Batman nails I did back in the summer. I was very excited to paint this design, but I put it off for a while because I knew it would be a challenge, I wanted to do it right because I love doing comic book themes and there is only a couple more to do.

I started with a light blue polish, which ended up mostly covered with the nail art, but I wanted a nice sky blue for the parts you could see. For the design I used a combo of acrylic paints and Instant artisit paints. The blue was very specific so I used an acrylic for that, the orly colors I used were Jet Black, Crisp White, Fiery Red, Sunshine, beige, Platinum and Sky Blue. I went with the same style as the Wonder Woman nails, where I painted different sections of the character.

My WonderWoman nails were my favorite out of the comic book nails but I think this one may have actually bumped it into second place. I think its the superman blue that did it for me.