Welcome to Nailed Daily the blog where it all started! Back in 2011 I had this crazy idea of starting this nail art blog where I would complete 365 nail designs in one year. On Nov 30th 2012 I completed the challenge, it was a huge struggle to commit to, but I am glad I did it because it pushed me so much further with my nail art. Shortly after completing my challenge I quit blogging and I wasn’t sure if I would ever come back to it, but here I am many years later with much more knowledge, way better photography skills and exciting new nail adventures to talk about. I hope to use this blog to inspire other nail techs, I want to share my experiences as an educator, nail competitor and salon owner. I will also share new nail designs and tutorials. I am excited for this new chapter of my blog, it wont be daily but I promise it will be good content! I hope you enjoy my posts and appreciate your support!

Day 268 - SpongeBob Squarepants

This post is a request from one of my wonderful Instagram followers. I have been asked numerous times to paint SpongeBob nails and I have been putting it off. A couple days ago I was asked again and I decided to give it a go. Once I got in to the design I got really excited about it and could not be happier with the outcome!

I started with a turquoise blue polish from the zoya matte mods collection it's super cute matte or shiny, I went with shiny for this one. Painting the characters took a lot of custom mixing to get the colors right, I used an assortment of acrylic craft paints which gave me more options than my usual striping paints. When I was done painting all the characters I outlined them using my modified Jet Black instant artist paint. I always have a bottle on hand that I have added a couple drops of water to slightly thin it out and on top of that I remove majority of the hairs from the brush for a thinner line. I find this combo works perfectly for outlining fine detail. To finish off the design I wanted to add the final bikini bottom details, I painted in little pieces of the flowers you see in the background and added some random bubbles.

I had so much fun painting these, not sure why I put it off for so long