Welcome to Nailed Daily the blog where it all started! Back in 2011 I had this crazy idea of starting this nail art blog where I would complete 365 nail designs in one year. On Nov 30th 2012 I completed the challenge, it was a huge struggle to commit to but I am glad I did it because it pushed me so much further with my nail art. Shortly after completing my challenge I quit blogging I swore I would never blog again, but here I am back at it 5 years later with much more knowledge, way better photography skills and exciting new nail adventures to talk about. I hope to use this blog to inspire other professional nail techs, I want to share my experiences as an educator, nail competitor and salon owner. I will also share new nail designs and tutorials. I am excited for this new chapter of my blog, it wont be daily but I promise it will be good stuff! I hope you enjoy the content!

Day 191 - World Oceans Day - Nemo


Today is World Oceans Day, a day where we can celebrate all the wonderful things the ocean provides us. This day must also reminds us of all the environmental challenges that effect our oceans, such as pollution and over-consumption of fish. As a vegetarian, I am always asked if I still eat fish, and to be honest eating fish is the meat I am most against. I find so many people lean towards seafood today as a healthier option, but quickly they forget the long term damage it is doing to our planet. Ocean conservation is something I am truly passionate about and I ask you watch the short video I have attached to the bottom of this post. Sometimes I use this blog to push a good cause, it's not very often I do this, but I think its important to spread these messages.

To bring attention to this important cause, I thought what would be better than some Finding Nemo nails! It's one of my favorite animated movies and really sea life cannot look any cuter. I hope you like them, this one took a little more effort than most posts. These guys were painted with so many different paints, I used the usual Instant Artist paints, random nail art paints and some acrylic craft paint, I even mixed a bunch of them together for some of the colors. This design was just a bunch of layering. I started with the darker tones and added highlights and detail as I went.

This one was definitely a challenge, but I love it!!